Monday, March 28, 2011

See you later stupid

So I just got back from St. Aug visiting Flagler College. School is nuts. Such a sick campus. Dont get me wrong they got some weird people there, but I saw some dimes as well. Edward leaves to NSB tomorrow to the Kona Pro and NSSA Regionals, hopefully he gets some good footage while he is down there and maybe he will grow some and swim out with his new in water housing. Just kidding they have been grown, I think. Anyway I am heading to Israel for two weeks in two weeks for my cousins wedding. Cant wait to surf over there and check some of the local spots out and meet some new people. Taking a camera down there so should be uploading some pics and footy while my jet lag keeps my eyes pried open. No lie, im pretty sure I might have just shit myself a little. A cat just jumped out of the bushes in my front yard as I am typing this on my front porch ( I dont own a cat ). Anyways here are a few pics from St. Augustine.

Right out front of the school


St. Augustine Beach

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