Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Mondays: Tha Trickaz + New Stuff

Listen to this and wait one week plus or minus a few days depending on shipping and ill have my housing....

Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (Tha Trickaz Remix) by ThaTrickaz

A month without a camera has been hard but its been two cold to film anyway... Got a few edits coming out soon, Will Harris has got a skate edit coming out along with Zach Riggs, and another edit for evan coming out with all of his good clips from the last year combined with a lot of barbados and obx i never put out from late fall.

Jacob Laham, who has been learning how to do video stuff and a big contributor to the blog, has been getting help from film maker Nate Lee, who made Baggage a few years ago, and me for his senior project. His senior project follows some local surfers Max Smith, Shane Burns, and some others to places such as Barbados. Its less of a project more of a little movie. Its looking pretty good right now and it should (it has to) be up the first week of April.

But until then keep checking back for whats to come...

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