Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New Guy

Jacob here... So Edward decided he might want a little help with the blog, adding more content, stories, videos and such. So now being a part of the blog is going to help me with my constant procrastination with school work which really excites me. Like Edward mentioned before, I have been working on a short surf film coming out in early april. Really stoked so far and got a good group of guys helping me with some new editing techniques. Still working on thinking of the whole title/theme of the film, but hopefully that will come along as I finish interviewing the rest of the surfers. Had to get Shane Burn's and Max Smith's Interviews out of the way do to there "winter get-a-ways" to PR and HI. So to conclude this piece of crap article that I pulled out of my ass I would like to say happy birthday to our dear friend Squirrel ( Grayson Palmer), cant wait to rage with him this weekend. 

Stay classy people; Im Jacob Laham??